by adustyframe ~ April 23rd, 2012

One of my friends and I have been doing Bible studies together off and on for the past year. Recently, we asked 2 more friends to join us.

I said that I sort of wanted a group like the Yada Yada Prayer Group–have you read those books?

I want to be able to share real, honest, transparent prayer requests with people and be prayed for and pray for them. I want to study the Bible together with other ladies and grow together.

The 2 ladies we asked to join us have been our friends for about a year. We met them (or got to know them better) right around the time that Lee moved home….so they didn’t know. Or I didn’t know if they knew.

And who wants to bring up THAT ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!?

I thought about it a lot. How can I share real, honest, transparent prayer requests if I’m not willing to bring up our story? So much of what I would share as a prayer request, or share during Bible study comes from this time in our lives.

It’s changed me in life altering ways. I’ve come to know God’s goodness in ways I would have never known. I’ve come to know what it means to hold onto God when I’ve already given up. I know that even when life stinks, God will carry me through.

So, I prayed about it. And I felt sick to my stomach.

And then the day came. I said to my original Bible study friend, “What if they don’t like me anymore?”

You may think I’m being melodramatic, but it’s a real concern. So many Christians have distanced themselves from me and I’ve lost friendships. (It can be argued that they weren’t true friends and I would have to agree. But the loss still hurts.)

We gathered around the table to start our study on humility–a topic suggested by one of the ladies. I had to laugh. The topic of humility is a great opening for what I was about to say.

One of them knew already–someone had made sure to share the info with her. She’d never said a word to me or the other lady. She’d also never one time treated Lee or myself strangely.

The other lady’s eyes bugged out–she was shocked.We talked and I told them the basics and why I felt I needed to tell them.

What a weight off my shoulders. They didn’t stand up to leave. They didn’t drop me like a hot potato. We just moved on.

I didn’t ask who shared the info with the one. I decided that I don’t want to know. This isn’t the first time that it’s happened and I imagine it won’t be the last.

The best part is that my friend said, “I’m you’re friend because of who you are. Not because of anything that’s happened in your past.”

That brought tears to my eyes and I thanked the Lord for true friends. I pray that I will remember to be that kind of friend to those God brings into my life.



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  1. Lisa

    oh do I know that feeling…..glad it went ok

  2. sara m

    I can imagine the knot in your belly leading up to it – or I think I can.

  3. Mrs. K

    The not knowing who knows (and if they do know how much they know, and is it truth?) is sometimes worse than knowing people know. Found you today from MSM and have been in very similar shoes. Can’t wait to catch up on your story, so glad your husband is home, and thank you for bravely sharing your story.

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