5 Days of Single Mom Homeschooling~Blogs~TOS Blog Hop

by adustyframe ~ May 17th, 2012

 Today, I’m sharing links to other blogs and information about single moms and homeschooling. An old post of mine–What school looks like in our house.

Jody shares A Day In The Life

Janet blogs at Janet’s Country Home and shares lots of links and info for single homeschooling moms.

Lisa blogs at Hopewell Takes On Life–I always find good recipes and interesting books here!

A list of links with information for single moms who homeschool (or want to).

Mary Jo blogs at Single Parents At Home

Take a moment to visit these blogs–guess what? Single moms have lots of great ideas, projects, funny stories, recipes, and wisdom to share with EVERYONE–not just other single moms. I’m sure they’d love you to stop by and visit.


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  1. Janet

    Thank you for the link to my sites, Lizzie! I appreciate it so much.

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