5 Days Of Single Mom Homeschooling~TOS Blog Hop

by adustyframe ~ May 18th, 2012

Today, I just really was not sure what to post.

I shared links to information and other single homeschooling blogs.

I shared what I did.

I let you know that it is a hard thing to do and it’s a hard choice to make.

What to share today? I don’t know! There’s no one size fits all answer. So I prayed about it and didn’t really come up with something to share until this morning.

I’m going to link a couple of my old posts sharing what God says about the Fatherless and posts that show that Godly kids DO come from single mom homes. A little bit of encouragement for you I hope.

Famous Child of a Single Mom

Godly Children of Single Mothers (or Fathers)

Another Child of a Single Mom!

Biblical References To The Fatherless



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