by adustyframe ~ May 24th, 2012

A couple months ago, I started a program with James. I pay him .50 every day that he eats 5 fruits or vegetables. I know that some mothers may think that gives me “bad mother of the year” status. However, when Lee came home, he spoiled James rotten and gave him all sorts of junk food treats and soda and the child decided he liked that stuff better than the good stuff.

Since money is a great motivator for James, I devised a plan.

If he eats 5 fruits or veggies in a day he gets .50. If he doesn’t get in all 5 he owes me .50. He also gets a .50 bonus when he doesn’t drink soda.

He gets to choose–if he wants soda he can have it. He’s become very good at getting in his fruits and veggies and goes long periods of time without drinking any soda. He even went bowling with friends and bought a bottle of water. I’ll often hear him say, “Mom, I had 3 fruits and veggies today so I should have a smoothie before bed.” (Oh yeah!)

He also told Lee, “Hey dad, I’ve been eating healthier and I feel a lot better.” I love seeing him realize the choice is up to him and finding out that he feels better when he takes care of himself.

Most mornings he has a smoothie. Smoothies aren’t rocket science so I’ll just tell you what I put in them–the amounts are up to you.

James’ standard smoothie:

frozen strawberries

homemade kefir

1/2 a frozen banana

frozen sweet potato chunks (about 1/8 of a small potato)

1 tsp local honey (I refuse to use white sugar in a healthy drink. I also prefer him to enjoy the taste of the fruit but kefir is tangy so a tiny bit of honey)

Sometimes a kiwi

Sometimes about 1/8 c. raw rolled oats–he doesn’t prefer the texture with oats so I usually skip it. I’d rather have him drink it without complaining than add oats.

Today, I added a little chunk of cucumber–about 1 thick slice with no peel–he figured that one out!

If he drinks the whole smoothie, he gets to count it as 4 of his servings.

If I make too much, we make smoothie pops out of the leftovers. He gets to count 1 smoothie pop as 1 serving of fruit.

 Lizzie’s Standard Smoothie:

Frozen Strawberries


2 big handfuls of spinach leaves


Sometimes blueberries or blackberries

Sometimes protein powder

I add lots of things to mine that James won’t drink in his. Whatever floats your boat right?

Build Your Own Smoothie:

If you don’t like our standard smoothies–build your own.

Basically all you need is–

Frozen fruit–this makes your smoothie thick

Base–milk, kefir, yogurt, coconut milk

Healthy sweetener–stevia, xylitol, honey

Experiments—oatmeal, sweet potato, spinach, cucumber–the key is don’t go crazy on your experiments until you know if you like them in your smoothie. Easy does it!


Basically, if you put in things you enjoy eating, you will enjoy your smoothie.

What do you put in your smoothies?




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  1. Judith

    I’m not a mom, but it sounds like a good idea to me! Giving him choices … both rewards and consequences; not neutral. And I LOVE smoothies! I just use frozen berries, a banana and a splash of orange juice. Plus plain yogurt in mine.

  2. Janet

    I think it’s a great idea to reward him with money! I have one girl that just hates veggies, so this would be a great way to encourage her to get her fruits and veggies. I love the idea of freezing the leftover smoothies–had not thought of that!

  3. Catherine

    Every time I read a post about smoothies it makes me hungry. These sound delicious, especially the sweet potato idea. I really need to invest in a blender (even if it is from a thrift store).

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