Share A Blessing~

by adustyframe ~ June 4th, 2012


Our blessings are:

1. Summer weather

2. Lee’s job

3. School’s almost done

4. Health


What about you?


3 Thoughts Shared to Share A Blessing~

  1. Ame

    i am thankful for blessings in my husband’s job that have been long awaited – acknowledgement for hard work and integrity.

    i am very thankful my kids are out of school for the summer.

    i am thankful for my delightful, 21 year-old, niece.

    i am thankful i have food to make for dinner tonight even though i have no idea what to make yet 🙂

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    I am thankful that today we have a home to live in. The way things are going, we may not at some point down the road.

  3. Sally Martin

    I thankful that my husband has been able to have his arm out of the sling since Friday.
    I am thankful that we have two window air conditioners.

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