Lee’s Delivery Today

by adustyframe ~ June 7th, 2012

Lee delivered a load to a prison today. He called me, “Oh I feel sick.”

He said he was sitting there waiting for an escort. They gave him the  rules and pat down. He had to walk through the metal detector.

He called when he left and said driving away was such a good feeling.

I imagine that brushes with prison will always leave us with an ill feeling–I think that’s a good thing.



3 Thoughts Shared to Lee’s Delivery Today

  1. Pam

    Oh my……just reading that made my stomach flip……glad he’s on the outside! God Bless

  2. Barbara H.

    I imagine so, too. What a blessing to be able to just walk away. Or drive away.

  3. Lisa

    Nice feeling for him to know he was there to help not to be helped.

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