by adustyframe ~ June 16th, 2012

eFoods contacted me to ask if I’d be willing to review their meals on my blog. I said “Sure.”

I’ve looked at different food storage companies, but I always wonder if the food is good. I wouldn’t want to spend that much money for food that is nasty! We do keep some food and water in the house in case of emergencies and I think these type of meals would be very easy to store.

We received the Tortilla Soup and Cheesy Chicken Rice.  We LOVED it. The food tastes great and smelled wonderful! James and I shared some with Grandma who was visiting with us. She liked it too! It was simple to prepare and we only added some butter and pepper.

I like that they don’t add MSG to their food and they take into consideration a lot of other health needs. You can read about that here. I was impressed to see this. If I were to buy food to store for any length of time, I’d not want it full of junk! This company seems to be the healthiest one I’ve looked at so far. There is considerable sodium in the products we tried.

Here is eFoods mission:

Our mission is to empower every family to have food security in the case of storms, natural disasters, or even financial crises like shrinking income or the loss of a job.


eFoods has an offer for you to try their product–check out this page.

Disclosure~I received 3 packages of food from eFoods in order to provide a review. My opinion is my own.


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