by adustyframe ~ June 21st, 2012

Tonight, I am getting together with all my girlfriends from prison days. We met mostly at the marriage seminars held at one of the prisons Lee was incarcerated in.

One of the ladies lives very far away, so during the marriage seminar, she’d come and stay in the area and then we’d get together that night just the girls. A few of the girls weren’t married to their boyfriends so they couldn’t attend the seminar, but they came to spend time with us at night.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was for me to have a group of Christian women that understood completely what I dealt with. We laughed together at some of the ridiculous things we faced. We shared our frustrations in a safe place without having to worry that someone would judge us or tell us what we should be doing differently. We prayed together and encouraged one another the best we could.

The last time we saw each other was in 2009. I wrote about that here.  I hadn’t embarked on my weight loss journey yet. I’m rather vainly hoping to get a few exclamations about that!

I’ve seen my friend Gigi a couple times since she moved away but we used to spend a lot of time together and I miss her.

So, I’m looking forward to our time together tonight–spending time with the only people I’ve personally met who completely understand the things we’ve lived through.


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  1. Judith

    What a tremendous blessing!!!! I’m happy for you. Peers are so important. I met a fellow single missionary gal at a 2-week retreat. 2 1/2 years later, she was driving by (2 or 3 hours from where I live) and drove out of her way. We met partway at a Cracker Barrel and spent SIX hours sitting at a table, talking. Even though we served on different continents, we “get” each other in a way others don’t. Shared bonds run deep. I know you’ll have a refreshing time.

  2. sara m

    I’m happy for you. Have a great time!

  3. Ame

    priceless 🙂

  4. Sally Martin

    So glad You can have this meeting.

  5. Barbara H.

    Hope you have a wonderful time!

  6. Pam

    Anxious to hear how much fun you had sharing and praying

  7. Janet

    I hope your time together with your kindred spirits was a blessing. I am pretty sure it was, and that they were wowed with your weight loss!

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