by adustyframe ~ June 26th, 2012

Remember last week when I said I may not blog a lot in the summer?

Well, the summer crazies have hit. We have lots of busy days. Swim lessons, visiting with out of state friends here for vacation, picking up Lee in Chicago because his semi is broken down.

That one is today. We were SUPPOSED to be attending and volunteering at a one day church camp but the truck decided to quit working. I felt badly about backing out on my volunteering, but I have to go pick him up while his truck is repaired.

Summer is crazy enough but then when extra crazies are added it’s well…. crazy!

My friends from prison days and I had a wonderful visit. A few of us have moved past that time. Some of them are still dealing with it. One has a husband who is dying in prison (quite literally) and that is very sad.

We did all agree that if we never again smell the smell of prison we’d be happy. YUCK!

I have several things to blog, but I have to hit the road today! Feel free to pray for safe travels!



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  1. Pam


  2. Lisa

    Enjoy the crazy–it can lead to unexpected fun!

  3. Janet

    Our summers are always so crazy, too!

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