Chronicles of State History Notebook Hewitt Homeschooling~Review

by adustyframe ~ July 6th, 2012


I received the opportunity to review Hewitt Homeschooling Chronicles of State History notebook.

Hewitt Homeschooling‘s about section shares this information about their company~

Our emphasis includes combining excellent academics with character development, instilling the work ethic, and developing a spirit of community service in the next generation. With a current client base of over 30,000, Hewitt’s operation is currently divided into three sectors: services, testing, and products. Operating out of our facility in Washougal, Washington, we serve parents with students from kindergarten age through high-school.


Last year, I wanted James to study state history. I remember really enjoying that study when I was in school. I found the textbook that the state uses in schools. (I was not impressed!) I scrounged around trying to find ideas, maps, etc. I did find a few things but I was pretty disorganized. That’s why I was excited to review this item.

This resource is great! It comes in a binder with pages ready for your student to fill in. I really like how it includes ideas for research and activities.

From the website~

This notebook is designed to aid students in organizing reports, drawings, pictures, and other items about his or her home state into a beautiful treasury of information. The notebook’s outline format guides students through an entire course of state history. Your child will not only gain first-hand information, but is given the opportunity to learn good research skills as well. The introduction contains suggestions for additional projects and other resources.

 Included areas are:

  • Facts, Symbols, Emblems (e.g., state flower, tree, flag)
  • Geography, Population
  • Industries, Jobs
  • History, Government
  • Miscellaneous, Field Trips, Photographs


Suggested activities include:

  • Interviewing a new resident and an old resident
  • Visiting the capital; making a time line
  • Reporting on field trips
  • Drawing the state flag, tree, bird, flower, and seal
  • Creating graphs of various kinds
  • Making a relief map
  • Creating a climate map

What I like:

*The pages are already inserted into the binder and ready to use straight out of the packaging.

*The pages are printed on sturdy cardstock so this item will be durable.

*We can easily insert some of our previous work and did so.

*The topics are easy to work on and the organization is thorough. Like I said, I wasn’t able to come up with such a clear concise schedule on my own. I wish I’d have seen this last year!
For $19.95, I’d have happily purchased this rather than trying to organize it all myself.

*The pages don’t require a large amount of work–this is good for James who enjoys quick projects.

*James has to practice learning how to research information and I think that’s also a positive part of this resource.

*Once the entire notebook is complete, I feel that he will receive a great overview of state history with far less work on my part. Win-win!

This item retails for $19.95 and includes 100 pages in a binder. It is geard for grades 3-8.

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Disclosure~I received a copy of Hewitt Homeschooling Chronicles of State History Notebook in order to complete this review. All opinions are my own.





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