When Sin Looks Better Than God~Francis Chan

by adustyframe ~ July 7th, 2012



I listened to this (most of it!) today and wanted to share it with you. He’s an excellent author but also and excellent speaker.

One part that stuck with me all day is his comment about angels. He said something like, They must look at us and say  WHOA! You’re walking away from GOD for THAT?!”

Let me know if you listen.


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  1. Renee Smith

    I enjoy reading your blog and get many good ideas from you. There is one problem however. The print on your blog is very small and hard for me to read. Other blogs usually let me change the size of the font or the color and it is easier to read, but not yours. I wonder if you could enlarge the print?? Thanks.

    I can check but I know I haven’t done anything to change the font size that disallows readers from adjusting their own screen.

  2. Barbara H.

    I was home from church tonight so I got a chance to listen to this. He makes some good points. I’ve only heard snippets of his sermons before and downloaded a couple of his books but haven’t read them yet.

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