On Time

by adustyframe ~ July 10th, 2012

The other day, James and I were talking about something that happened several years ago.

I went to a photography class and my friend Joy stayed with James. She was traveling through the area visiting churches to share her ministry and staying with us a few days. I was only going to be gone for a couple hours and she said she’d keep James busy.

I enjoyed my class and learned a lot.

Imagine my surprise when I got home to see that my child was falling apart!

Joy said he noticed the time on the computer and I was late getting home.

He tried to hold it together but he was very upset.

*While Lee was gone, James was very conscious about where I was at every moment. He became very frightened and upset if I was even 2 or 3 minutes late. I tried to tell him that sometimes the checkout lady would be slow or maybe I’d have to sit at a red light or wait for a train but I’d always be home as soon as I could get there.

It was still difficult for him. I think he was afraid of losing mom too.*

So, back to the story. When he noticed the time on the computer and the fact that I was late, he became very agitated. While he tried to be calm and keep playing with Joy, he had difficulty keeping his mind off the fact that I was late and it was getting later and I still wasn’t home.

When I got home exactly on time, he was visibly upset. His agitation confused me because I was home a few minutes earlier than I expected to be home yet he was asking me why I was late.

Joy told me that the past hour had been really difficult for him. They tried to call me a few times but I didn’t answer and he got to the point where he just couldn’t hold it together.

How did we both see this situation so differently?

I was looking at the clock in Central time and Joy’s computer was set to Eastern time.

I wasn’t late! I was on time. I arrived home when I said I would arrive home. James didn’t know Joy’s computer was set to Eastern time and Joy didn’t even think about it.

When James and I chatted about this the other day, I realized that so many times we’re like this with God aren’t we? He looks late. It looks like He abandoned us. It looks like He didn’t keep His word to show up when He said He would.

We are like my son–upset, agitated, barely able to hold it together.

When God “shows up” exactly when He said He would–or in His timing–we are barely able to stop ourselves from hyperventilating and hollering, “Where were you!?”

God looks at us and says, “Child! I’m here when I planned to be here. I’ve always been on the way. I’ve always been ready to do what I told you I would do.  You’re the one looking at the time table wrong!”

God’s timetable isn’t necessarily always our timetable but it’s always the correct one! Our job is to trust and not hyperventilate while we wait!


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  1. Lisa

    My kids still freak out if I’m late picking them up. It’s hard….

  2. Sharlene

    Thank you for sharing this story. I will remember it as we are in one of those times that it seems like the Lord is going to be “late.” I will do my best to look at His “clock” and trust Him more.

  3. Rachel

    Amen! Our perspective often seems so clear and right to us. And yet it is not what it always seems.

  4. Janet

    Such a wonderful reminder and rebuke!:)

  5. Joy

    I totally forgot about that! What a really good post and great reminder! I found myself doing this very same thing this morning…expecting God to work on my time frame. I’m so thankful our God knows the PERFECT timing on everything…when resting in this fact, there is great peace!!

  6. Barb Jones

    When my husband was sent to prison, my youngest son had nightmares for the longest time. They all centered around me leaving him, too. I am happy to say we have no more nightmares, but he still calls me if I am five minutes late getting home. Hopefully, that will get better with time, as well.

  7. Judith

    Thanks for sharing your real life story that is a lesson for us all. (BTW – this sounds like something that is published in devotionals.)

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