by adustyframe ~ July 30th, 2012

I received 2 emails that a virus blocker kicks in when people visit my site recently.

I’ve emailed my web designer and she checked things out and doesn’t see a problem. She will look at something else we’re wondering about  tomorrow a.m. when she’s got time on her schedule.

I don’t know what it is or where it came from but as far as I know we’re clear here, but if you see it leave me a comment with what it tells you and what virus software you have.  Thanks


**Update– my web host scanned and did not find anything. The rep. sent it to the security team to see if he missed something. Just letting you know I’d never intentionally put a virus here!

**Update–still working on it. A full security scan did find something. So that was removed and my web designer will let me know if I have to do anything else.


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  1. Barbara H.

    I didn’t get a virus warning when I clicked on to your site, but I did when I clicked a link on it. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which link it was — I just scrolled through your last several posts to refresh my memory, but nothing rang a bell. It did go ahead and go to the site, but I got a window saying a threat was blocked (I/m sorry, I don’t remember what threat). I have AVG virus software.

  2. Jody at Because I'm Me

    I have no idea, but I had your site and my site open when I had a virus appear late last week (I had no virus blocking software installed at the time), I forget exactly what I was clicking on at the time. But … I do now have antivirus and protection and I was able to get here with no problem at all.

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