Facebook~Find Me?

by adustyframe ~ August 20th, 2012

Something strange happened with my old Facebook page. It says if I want back in I can just scan in some ID–I think it’s legit because the info isn’t coming to me through email–it’s right on Facebook.


However, if I scan in my ID it doesn’t say Lizzie Norris….so….

I set up a new page. If you’d like to find me again, please do:).

This link should take you to my page? 


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  1. Barbara H.

    That sounds a little scary to me. So far I haven’t seen anything like that.

  2. Laura

    I don’t know, Lizzie… that sounds a little sketchy to me!

    Actually, it was something like an app I gave approval for had an issue and my password was similar for both or something and they locked my account to be sure that the apps mess up didn’t affect my account. It’s on Facebook–it wasn’t an email which I would probably consider a spam.

    Anyway, my new FB is me and no issues–I just am ignoring the other account.

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