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by adustyframe ~ August 21st, 2012

Our school room is our dining room. We have a very small house and it’s hard to arrange the furniture because every room has a walking pattern to another room.

The house is like a long rectangle with a couple rooms off the side and partial walls between rooms. Anyway, I’d love to arrange things differently but we’d stub our toes in the middle of the night!


I’ve been using these baskets and labels since our first year of school. I have a basket for Bible, US History, Nature Study, English/Grammar/Literature, Music, Math. I put everything from that topic in that basket. I find that I can store more on the shelves in the baskets than by putting them on the shelf separately.

The big bag is our library bag. I actually took this shelf out of the room and now have an empty space. I’m not sure what I want to put there (walkway considerations you know…)



This is my thrift store chair. I love it. I really wanted a big chair and 1/2 but they are too big for our little house. I paid less than $2.00 for this chair–although the ottoman was about $20.



Here’s where all the blogging action happens!


We also have our dining room table~another thrift store special $25 13 years ago~ in here. It’s usually piled up with something!


For school this year we will be finishing up a few things we didn’t get done last year. We will be concentrating on the time period from after the Civil War to WWI.

For math, I believe I’m switching to Teaching Textbooks–I have to hurry up and decide. I’m only changing because I found that James does much better with a different style of math teaching and I’m all for providing him what works best for his learning style.

I’m continuing with Charlotte Mason style teaching, but I’m not sticking to the Ambleside list as much. I found resources on Simply Charlotte Mason as well as putting together a few of my own.

I’m not quite sure that I can believe my son is going to be in 6th grade! God is good to allow me to homeschool him through all these ups and downs we’ve faced!

We won’t start until the day after Labor Day. When do your kids go back to school?



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  1. Lisa

    6th grade!!! You don’t have to be a slave to any one curriculum. As a math-phobic parents I LOVE Teaching Textbooks and the DIVE cds for science. Worth their weight in gold.

    Let me know at my email if you have any needs still for this school year. If we own them, I’ll send them.

    Praying for your year!

  2. M

    My oldest has started 6th grade, too. Hard to believe! For math, she has finished Singapore, and now is working her way through Life of Fred Pre-Algebra. I’m not sure that LOF is “enough” to stand on its own, so I’m still searching. I let me daughter see the Teaching Textbooks website and do some samples, and she is VERY interested in trying it. It’s just so…spendy. Plus, she would need to use it on the upstairs computer, because my little laptop doesn’t have a cd-rom drive. I don’t like the idea of her (or any family member) being on the computer where I can’t see her…

    We started our school year 7 weeks ago. I was hoping to finish week 8 before our new baby comes (due 9/7), but the midwife put me on bedrest. She is still doing some school, but not the history/science/etc. that I consider “core.” Oh well, we’re still ahead, right? While I’m on bedrest, she has taken over the cooking, dishes, and laundry, and I’m positive there are lessons in that that she’s learning, that she wouldn’t be able to get out of any curriculum!

    I hope your school year will be GREAT!

  3. Judith

    I love your chair and ottoman! An ottoman is worth money, I say! 🙂

    No school in our home, but I start volunteering at the local grade school this coming week. Last year it was a weekly highlight to spend my hour in second grade, giving more one-on-one reading time to a few students who needed a little bit extra.

    Hope this school year is your best yet!

  4. Janet

    I just LOVE your baskets and tags, and especially love the idea of putting each subject in the basket. What a wonderful idea!

    We use Teaching Textbooks and love them. The curriculum was a lifesaver to me as a single mom and the girls have learned so much more than with their old curriculum.

    We start back next week–this is our last week of summer break, which wasn’t much since we didn’t get done until July anyway.;)

    I like seeing where your blogging takes place! Love your thrifted chair!

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