Freezer Cooking

by adustyframe ~ August 23rd, 2012

I’ve been trying to get some food in the freezer lately.

I always have food in the freezer but it’s usually ingredients–not prepared meals.  I want to do this for 2 reasons. I can send frozen food with Lee in his plug in cooler and I love the time savings it adds to my life.

A week or so ago, I made the twice baked potatoes and Lee and James basically swooned over them. I didn’t really follow a recipe. I just baked the potatoes and let them cool. Then I scooped them out and added garlic, cheese, seasonings, sour cream, butter,  and 1/2 and 1/2 (only because I had some that needed to be used up.) I put the filling back into the shells and laid them out on a pizza pan and froze them. After they were frozen, I wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them in freezer bags. Lee said he will take 6 this trip.

Last week, I tried Crystal’s breakfast burritos. They were super easy but I didn’t get enough for 20 burritos. I had to make another batch of eggs. I wonder if that’s because I used eggs from my friend’s farm and they were a little smaller?

Lee said, “Next time add some meat and cheese.” I said, “Ok. I thought that’s what ham and cheddar was but I’ll make sure to put some in next time.” lol–I think he meant MORE meat and cheese.

Today, I tried burritos. I included rice, black beans, corn, chorizo sausage, hamburger, cheese, and my enchilada sauce.  I mixed it all together for the burrito filling. I also put a few of them in a dish and topped them with more enchilada sauce and cheese and baked them for their lunch. They said they were good and they were stuffed.

Of course for the freezer they are just the filling and plain tortillas. I found that the Aldi’s brand tortillas worked very nicely. I just covered them with a clean wet cloth and warmed them in the microwave for about 1 minute before rolling the burritos. (Our microwave is low power.)

When Lee and James were gone, I also tried french toast sticks. James says they aren’t exactly like french toast, but he will eat them. (Yes, he will…)

I was able to put some chicken broth in the freezer this week from a whole chicken that I cooked in the crockpot.

I’m considering making chicken pot pie for the freezer with the leftover chicken.

I also want to make a batch of waffles for the freezer soon. I have to find my recipe first. I had a delicious super healthy recipe I found in  Super Baby Food cookbook when James was little. It’s REALLY good. I lent my sister in law the book, and copied down the recipe to keep but I am not sure where I put it….

I’m enjoying getting back in this habit of making a big batch of recipes at once and then being able to have delicious homemade food on crazy mornings or evenings.

If you have some favorite freezer cooking recipes or sites, please let me know!


**UPDATE~~YEAH~ I found my waffle recipe:)~**


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  1. M

    The easiest thing for me is just to double (or triple) whatever I’m making a few times a week, and freeze the excess.

    I love to freeze waffles. Our waffle maker makes big belgian waffles, but I break them into quarters to freeze. They fit in our toaster, and I think they taste even better toasted than fresh – nice and crispy!

    We freeze burritos fairly often, too. I think shredded turkey tastes better in burritos than chicken or beef – it seems to soak up the taco seasonings etc. sooo well, and reheats great!

    All my soups freeze great, and it’s easy to triple those recipes. To freeze meatloaf, I mix up a triple batch of beef/ingredients, and then put it into freezer bags uncooked. Flatten them out so they stack easily and defrost fast. Then to make meatloaf, all I have to do is stick it in a loaf pan, and bake! Yummmm.

    Most muffins seem to freeze well, too, especially banana muffins. Quick breads, too – my blueberry lemon loaf defrosts nicely!

    One last mention, most cookies freeze GREAT! It’s so nice to have cookies in the freezer for when company is coming, or to take to someone who just had a baby, etc.

    Thanks for bringing this up! I feel motivated to make some things for my freezer soon!

  2. Janet

    I like to make a lot at once and then freeze the extras. Both you ladies are motivating me to do some cooking/baking!

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