by adustyframe ~ August 30th, 2012

Last night, James stayed with a friend. I was working on scrapbooking a few photos. I’ve been doing Project Life this year and while it’s a COMPLETE change from my regular scrapbooking style, I absolutely love it!

I am slightly behind though. I have most of the photos printed but I just didn’t sit down and get them in the book.

I was working on the 1st part of July and wondered where in the world were the photos from the day we went to a state park? Then I realized that was before my computer crashed. The man who fixed my computer put everything in a vault or something like that on my computer. I had to go into it and dig around. I found a couple of files I had forgotten to copy into the  accessible part of my computer.

Yeah! I didn’t lose them. I edited them this morning so that I can get them printed.

Here’s one of Lee and James walking in the forest. This park also had a quarry and a lake. We had a very enjoyable day. It’s a little blurry but that’s ok–especially for this blog.



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    I’ve never heard of Project Life…it’s intriguing. Thanks for mentioning it! I may have found what I want for Christmas!

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