Any Blessings?

by adustyframe ~ September 5th, 2012


Are you blessed today?

We were blessed to have Lee home for the weekend. He had just left on a haul and was able to come home after about a week. That’s a nice bonus.

We had a few more nice summery days!

My garden is almost done but I have another batch of basil–mmm!!!!

I’m hoping you have some blessings to share too!



2 Thoughts Shared to Any Blessings?

  1. M

    God is still helping me have a (mostly) good attitude while I wait for this baby (…and wait…and wait…and wait…). I’m blessed that my mother is here to help wrangle the other kids in the meantime. And I’m blessed that I am ripe with new life – what an incredible thing, to have a child in my womb. So many women would give anything for this. Who am I to complain that it’s “taking too long”?

  2. Janet

    I am just so thankful that I can depend on the Lord to bring me through anything. He is good and faithful.

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