Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ September 11th, 2012


Today, I’d like to share some links to sites I’ve found helpful on this (LOOOOOOOONG weight loss journey I’ve been on).


My fitness pal–great site to track your calories, carbs, or exercise (or all 3)

The Beck Diet Solution–this is NOT a diet but a way to correct your thinking about food and diets.

Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes & TTapp

Maria’s Nutritious and Delicious is great for me. She comes up with recipes with ingredients I’m allowed to eat–a lot of diet blogs include sugars, honey, starches, etc. Maria also explains WHY you shouldn’t eat certain ingredients. Everything I’ve made from her site is YUMMY!


Ttapp (linked above)

Walk Away The Pounds

30 Day Shred–my disclaimer is that I really liked it. I liked how I was doing something bigger than I’d ever done or been able to do before….but my elbows still hurt–it wasn’t for me….


What are your favorite fitness sites or resources?




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  1. Catherine

    I have been using for tracking things. I tried myfitnesspal, but I missed having a full analysis of the nutrients I was eating. My sister recently gave me a used iTouch, so now I can track my calories where ever I am with the Calorie Count app. Pretty cool.

  2. Barbara H.

    I’ve used a Biggest Loser Power Walk DVD as well as a Leslie Sansone DVD that I liked. The walking ones do well for me — I have balance and knee issues and usually can’t coordinate some other exercise DVDs. But these add some variety to walking in place.

    I’ve also used a Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout for the Kinect game system. I wrote about that in more detail here:

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