Why Yes It Is Tomato Central Around Here….

by adustyframe ~ September 13th, 2012


Sorry, I’ve meant to post several things but the tomatoes are holding me hostage! I finally got the bushel canned, then I was given another bucket full of tomatoes today!

I do love all the pretty red jars lined up though.

I’ve made spaghetti sauce, and crushed and plain tomatoes. I have to decide what to make with the new tomatoes!



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  1. Ame



  2. Pam

    I love….love…..love…..tomato,corn,onion and hot pepper relish

  3. Sally Martin

    I helped a friend can some tomatoes last week and again today. Your jars are beautiful. And of course you like to see them. You know the time spent preparing them and your favorite color is red.

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