Catching Up

by adustyframe ~ September 28th, 2012

My husband is home! He just got home and went to bed. He’s been gone almost the entire month of September so it’s nice to have him around–even if he’s sleeping.

He is looking for another job and we’d appreciate your prayers. It needs to happen really soon. The job is pretty decent, but there are a few (big)things that just are not working so we’re praying for something else really fast.

Around here it’s been really cool at night, but warms up during the day. I’m glad it warms up during the day! I heard our fall color may not be very pretty this year–boo hoo! That’s my favorite time of year.

I am still taking photos–I haven’t posted much about photography because I mostly take portraits and since those are rather personal, I don’t usually ask people if I can post on my blog–not to mention that I don’t just tell anyone about my blog!

I’m done canning–I’m really happy that I am done canning! Well, unless I find a great deal on apples then I may can applesauce or apple butter, but apples didn’t fare so well around here this year. There was a hail storm during apple blossom season and then the drought finished them off. One orchard around here was open for less than 1 week at the 1st part of September and is closed for the season–that’s how bad the apple season was here!

School is going well. Praise the Lord. I moved James to a lot more independent work and he seems to be doing well with that. We still read quite a few things together, but I’m having him learn to look things up and do research and reading on his own.

He’s still busy with Tae Kwon Do and his friends and a group of homeschool boys that plays basketball and learns skills together. He is also in his last year of AWANA. He’s getting so big! He’s almost as tall as I am–which isn’t very tall but still! He wears the same size shoe as his dad! I think he’s going to be a big guy.

So, there is my catch up chat—what about you? Anything interesting or exciting going on?


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