Almost Amish~Nancy Sleeth~Review

by adustyframe ~ September 29th, 2012


I saw a few blogs talk about reading this book and then a group of friends decided to read it together. I decided to give it a try to see what it was all about.

I love the cover and think it’s really eye catching.

My thoughts on the book?

Well, much of it is really just common sense. It’s good ideas about being intentional and making decisions for your family based on what your family needs–not what everyone else is doing.

I liked some of her ideas reminding us to take time to rest, share hospitality, and quit being consumers of everything.

I do not feel that the ideas presented are “Amish”. I believe many are as I stated earlier, common sense ideas. They are ideas that people–Amish and “English” have been doing for years.

I feel that the author heard someone accuse her of being Amish and somehow felt that it was a good premise to use to sell books. There isn’t very much truly Amish in this book. I got the distinct feeling that the author doesn’t know much about the Amish and I ended the book wondering if she ever even met or interacted with an Amish person.

I felt that the book held the Amish up on a high pedestal without admitting that they are just like all of us. Their society while charming on the outside looking in has bumps and ugly spots just like any society with sinners in it does.

I appreciated that she quoted Scripture and like I said, it’s always good to think about our decisions and make sure we are intentional in the things we participate in. I wonder if the author knows that often the Amish are discouraged from studying Scripture? Or if she knows that many Amish feel they are earning heaven by living that way.

I also disagreed with her premise that if you shop at bigger chain stores you’re making a moral choice. I KNOW that many people feel corporations are evil, but I personally don’t have a budget to always shop at small local stores. I used to own a small local store, so I DO think it’s wonderful to support local businesses when I can. But I also think that if you have a limited budget–the budget that God gave you–there’s nothing wrong with shopping where you can afford to shop.


I don’t really know if anyone else felt the same way after reading this book but there you have it! There’s my review and no I didn’t get a free copy of this book in order to provide a review–it’s just a review I felt like sharing!

Have you read it? Do you think my thoughts are way out in left field?


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  1. Becka

    I agree with you that while it’s nice to shop at the small local stores (and I do when possible) it’s more important to stick within your budget and be content with what you have and where the Lord has placed you. I haven’t read the book but have seen others mention it and was glad to read your perspective.

  2. Judith

    I read it several months ago and agree with you. They are good principles, but not necessarily from the Amish. I definitely picked up on the idealization of the Amish, too, and the lack of any thought that their system is not the perfect one.

    It’s refreshing to read an honest review. That’s a good point you bring up about studying Scripture.

    No, your thoughts are not way out in left field. 🙂

  3. Lisa of Hopewell

    Great review! I live very rural–its Wal-Mart or Kroger> The “local” store is a really crappy IGA that carries food ready for the dumpster and jacks up the prices since no one buys there! I agree that she seems to have little real knowledge of the Amish–probably watched Harrison Ford’s Witness…. Thanks for stopping by!!

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