Kitchen Tip Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ October 8th, 2012

(Please excuse my sad looking crockpot!)

September was almost exclusively spent on canning tomatoes! I canned nearly 3 bushels of tomatoes–phew! I’m so glad that’s over!

I spent September scrambling for jars and now I’ve been finding them at the thrift store and don’t even want to look at them!

One of the best tips I learned when I was looking up tomato recipes is this~

Put your tomato sauce in the crockpot and prop open the lid with a spoon or spatula. All the liquid can escape as steam and your sauce cooks down effortlessly. I could even leave the house while the sauce was simmering! Yeah.

Here is the sauce I made this year–3 batches!

For more kitchen tips, check out Tammy’s post today.

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