Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ October 16th, 2012


I’m still chugging along working on maintaining. I was doing super well until the end of September when for some reason, I started struggling with the maintenance. So, I’m trying to be more strict and hopefully keep off the pounds so that whenever I go back on the strict phase I won’t have lots of undoing to do.

I was at the thrift store the other day and realized something–I always reach for clothing in my old sizes. I must mentally still feel like I’m that size. When I pick them up, I realize that I can’t wear them without looking like a hobo but it always surprises me–“Oh yeah that’s not my size.”

I feel like I’m at a weird in between right now. Still not skinny–still wearing a size larger than I wish–still have plenty 0’flab! I have to be careful with my clothing because when I want to hide my flab, I realize that I’m wearing items that make me look dumpy. When I want to wear things a little closer to my style or preferences, I have to be careful that they aren’t too snug to reveal all my flab……. that’s where I am.

I’m almost always doing better at getting to bed at a semi-decent hour but I still do not wake up early. For my schedule to work, I should get up between 6 and 6:30 but that never happens. I just hit snooze over and over. I think maybe I should give up on the getting up at that time of day…..

What about you? Any health goals for the coming week or any progress you’ve made you’d like to share?


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