It Wasn’t My Faith

by adustyframe ~ October 30th, 2012

Sometimes people say, “Corrie, it was your faith that carried you through your time in the concentration camp during the war.” And I will immediately answer, “No, it wasn’t my faith – – it was the Lord who did it. He was the One who made my faith strong by His Holy Spirit, who makes faith work in our hearts. He’s the One who does. He did it. Hallelujah!

Corrie ten Boom


2 Thoughts Shared to It Wasn’t My Faith

  1. Lisa

    It was as tho you lived the FOOTSTEPS poem…..

  2. Ame

    yes yes yes. i tell people this … it is nothing about me. i cannot do it. i cannot even have the faith on my own. there is nothing about me that enables me to do any of this. it is all God. He enables me. He fills me with Him and works through me with His Holy Spirit. it is ALL about Him and nothing about me.

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