Why I Stock Up On Groceries

by adustyframe ~ November 13th, 2012

For quite awhile, I’ve been a stock up grocery shopper.

You won’t see me on preppers or any of those crazy shows. There is no bunker anywhere near us and we don’t have years of food stored up, but yes, I do stock up.

I stock up for a couple reasons.

1. I don’t want to pay $1.50 for ketchup when I could pay .75.

If it’s on sale for .75 I buy as many as the store allows–within reason. Usually the limit is 2 or sometimes 4. I’m not talking about 100’s of bottles of any one item.

2. Because we’ve been through the super low income days.

Recently, Lee’s truck had a lot of problems and he worked very little. (VERY VERY LITTLE….) For the month, he was paid about what he’d make in 1 regular week. Phew–that doesn’t cut it.

I’m thankful that we had food on the shelves. Most weeks, I’ve spent about $30 or $40 on groceries and we’ve been fine. I am noticing that the shelves aren’t very full and I haven’t been able to spend money on current deals to stock up but we had food and we ate.

If I hadn’t had the food on the shelf, $30 wouldn’t provide a week’s worth of food.

I’m feeling a little squeamish that the freezer is bare of meat or that some categories on the shelf are running low, but I’m thankful it was there waiting for us for when we needed it.

I’ve been asked if stocking up means I’m not trusting God.

I don’t think so. I believe God wants us to be wise and use our resources wisely. He also knows that sometimes my husband’s job isn’t going to provide as much as other times. I don’t think that He cares that I buy a couple extra bottles or cans when they’re deeply discounted.

What about you? Do you stock up on sale items?


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  1. Esther H.

    Very good advice. I do stock up for all the same reasons. (When I have money to take advantage of deep cuts)

  2. Lisa

    I grab any decent marked down meat for the same reason. Nice to have it in the freezer for “in case.”

  3. Pam

    I don’t understand the excitement on the extreme coupon shows….except for those who actually donate to food pantries……who needs 50 tubes of tooth paste…..100 energy bars…etc
    It seems inspite of folks getting 4 grocery carts of “stuff” there isn’t anything in them that would provide a good meal.

  4. Lona

    Absolutely, for the very reasons you mentioned. I also do it because we live out in the country a ways, and it’s good stewardship not to be running to town every 3 days for 3 days worth of food.

    Why does planning ahead and being wise look like “not trusting God” to some people?

  5. Wendy Clark

    I am trying. It has been slow, but I am seeing the results. I love Crystal from MSM’s advice on taking a little each grocery pay period and setting it aside for stocking up. I thought I was doing that with butter two weeks ago and bought a good bit for the freezer. Since I am cooking at home lots more we went through that butter very quickly. Lesson learned and now I need I need to stock up lots more on butter when it is a low price.

  6. Katrina

    I stock up on things I know I need for all the same reasons you do. I sometimes get good deals on thing I don’t use or can’t eat, but donate them. I have friends who have been going through tough times like you for the past few years and instead of donating to a charity, I give the items to them. I’ve seen God answer simple prayers because of this. Once, their daughter wanted a certain brand of cereal and I ‘just happened’ to get it for them. God loves to answer the simple prayers of a child.

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