by adustyframe ~ November 15th, 2012

“They” say that if you blog about controversial topics, you’ll get more interaction and traffic.

I’m actually the type of person who avoids controversy as much as possible. I’m even less controversial after this trial than ever before. I need and crave peace!

I know that being a conservative Christian can be controversial. If I blogged about some of our health choices, that would be controversial. For the most part, I stay away from that because I don’t feel that is the focus of my blog.

Lately, I’ve been tossing around and idea to blog about that would be controversial–at least in Christian circles but I’m chicken! It does relate to this trial so in that way I wouldn’t be off focus for the blog.


What to do, huh?

What’s your opinion about blogs and controversy?


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  1. Judith

    Hmmm. Bringing up controversial topics seems to work best when you either have a foundation of a good relationship or are dealing with mature people. With a public blog, you can’t control who your readers are, but since your comments are moderated, at least no one could hijack your comments. I’m not sure I could handle it (on my blog) b/c I’m not very thick-skinned and tend to get defensive. I guess I’d have to ask what my purpose and motivation is. Maybe pray, write a draft, wait, have Lee read it, pray, revise, pray, and then post? Controversial doesn’t equal bad; sometimes it’s just the iron sharpening iron that we need. May the good Shepherd lead you!

  2. Pam

    In your case I have always felt you spoke the truth from your heart and never made an effort to “stir things up” for the sake of drama….
    Anything you share always is thought provoking….

    God Bless and Happy Thanksgivng to your reunited family…..

  3. Barbara H.

    I’m not very controversial either, but sometimes have felt something needed to be said or explained or a stand taken. If you feel led of the Lord and feel this would help bring something to light, by all means go ahead. As Pam said, your readers know you don’t blog just to stir up controversy. I do tend to avoid those blogs (and radio talk shows) where it seems the main purpose is just to stir things up all the time, but we know you are not like that.

    But do be prepared for some negative reaction. I was amazed while writing my newspaper column for a year at the reactions of some folks who would presume to tell me what I really meant, etc., and would not listen to anything contrary to their own opinion no matter how clearly or graciously said. Then again, a couple of times I was expecting a negative reaction and none came, so…you just never know.

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