Would You Still Like Me?

by adustyframe ~ November 18th, 2012

Some homeschool friends and I got together a few weeks ago. One mentioned a book she read about a woman who directed her funeral in her will. The woman wanted people from her past to spend time together and find out why she liked each one of them even though they didn’t know one another.

My friend said, “For example, Lizzie, I think you’d love my friend Kim. You remind me of her but I didn’t know you back then when I knew her.”

My immediate thought was, “If you only knew the things about my past (before you knew me) you wouldn’t like me.”

I almost always keep Lee’s incarceration quiet around people that I interact with in real life. At least people who aren’t my very personal extremely close friends. I don’t think everyone has to know.

But then once in awhile, I am tempted to blurt out, “My husband spent years in prison and nearly 7 years away from our home. Do you still like me?”

I guess it’s always a deep insecurity under the surface. I know that it doesn’t matter what people think about that part of our story, but I still want everyone to like me. Sometimes, if I’m honest, I wonder if some of my blog readers would like me if you knew me in real life!

I think what I need to do when faced with these insecurities, is to ask God to help me remember that pleasing Him is the only thing I need to worry about. He has accepted me and whether or not anyone else accepts me isn’t for me to worry about.

**I’m not begging for you to say you like me!! Just expounding on some thoughts.**


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  1. Tanya

    That’s what real friends do. They love you in the good and the bad. We all have things about us and a past. If God can forgive us, we need to be able to forgive ourselves and your real friends will do so also.

  2. Ame

    i totally get this

  3. Becka

    I totally agree with Tanya. Many people have things from their past that they hesitate to share with others who don’t know them well. My father was an alcoholic and later became mentally ill. He was incarcerated for minor crimes and later institutionalized until his death. This was very painful and not something I share with many people. I have been able to share how the Lord helped me to deal with this with others who are going through similar difficulties. If people are truly your friends they will still love you.

  4. Lisa Beth W.

    Yes, I would. 🙂 Whether or not my husband was in jail or your husband was is not the issue. Are you a fellow pilgrim in this world, one who has painful things in the past and does painful things in the present, but clings to Jesus in whatever circumstances? Do you love my Jesus? Does His love shine in your life so I can know you by your fruits? Then, yes, I like you! Love you!

  5. k

    I think that you and I are very different in many ways. I am an urban, liberal non-Christian, but consider myself a Godly person. I learned an amazing amount about myself from reading your blog, and you already know that your story focused my compassion and inspired me to act accordingly. Telling your truth IS ministry.

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