A Few Things About Me You May Not Want To Know…

by adustyframe ~ November 20th, 2012


Once in awhile, I post a few random facts about myself. I thought maybe I could tell you all the weird random facts about myself! (Which is why I said perhaps you do not want to know….)

1. The top of the back of my head is flat–FLAT. Thanks to my mom’s dad.

2. My arches are flat–thanks to my dad.

3. I have a strange toe nail on my pinky toe–it fold up into the toe–basically I don’t paint it. Thanks again to my mom’s dad.

4. My 2nd toes are longer than my other toes–thanks to my dad.

5. I have a mustache–thanks to the women on my mom’s side. AARRGGGH! One of those goofy little hairs feels like wire and curls into my lip. Good grief. I think I’m a freak!

6. I’m bow legged–not sure who is to blame for that one.

7. I’m the only one in my family with light hair–although it’s darkened considerably since James was born.

8. I am double jointed and can twist my pinkies or my shoulders in ways that make people feel ill!



3 Thoughts Shared to A Few Things About Me You May Not Want To Know…

  1. Wendy Clark

    My second toe is WAYYYYYYY longer than my other toes-freakishly so. My family says that is a sign I am bossy. I don’t think they needed that confirmation though.

  2. Tanya

    My toes are short and fat thanks to my dad. 🙂

  3. Janet

    Haha! Enjoyed reading this. You are very unique and very precious, Lizzie.:)

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