Rethinking the Christmas Story~repost

by adustyframe ~ December 4th, 2012

This year, I’ve heard multiple things that blew my mind in regard to the Nativity story!

We never believed there were only 3 wise men. They traveled a very long way. They were well to do. It was a dangerous journey–robbers, terrain, etc. They probably brought many servants with them and who’s to say there were only 3 actual wise men right?

Also, how would 3 men trouble Herod and all of Jerusalem?

Ok, since I didn’t believe that part of the traditional story, I didn’t think about a few other things.

I’ll just share them with you and let you mull it over. Honestly, this “Mind blowing” was a good thing. Just really interesting to contemplate and realize.

Here goes.

1. I watched this DVD just tonight–Saturday.

You can watch it online here–start at the bottom with part 1. It explains how astronomy can replicate the sky on any given night and talks about what the Star of Bethlehem was according to science and the Bible. It is really cool.

They believe that the star appeared in June of 2 BC and stood still over Bethlehem on Dec. 25 of 2 BC. This means Jesus was very possibly born in June of 2 BC and the Wise Men went to Bethlehem on December 25 of 2 BC. I was blown away that they can see the sky on particular dates and amazed that God created the stars according to precise mathematical equations (which are over my head….)

2. This spring, I heard a message and a very small passing mention was made of the wise men. I sat there with big eyes and wonder in my heart and don’t remember the rest of the sermon!

The wise men probably came from Babylon (Iraq.) Who was taken captive in Babylon and served as man of great influence? Daniel!

The magi or wise men possibly studied his writings and descended from the Wise men mentioned in Daniel 2:48. If they read Daniel’s writing or had access to the Hebrew Scriptures, this explains how they knew to look for the Messiah. Very interesting! I’m not sure why I never put that together before.

3. The Bible never mentions an inn keeper or animals. We assume that because of manger.

This fall, when we visited the Creation Museum, I picked up a little booklet about the Nativity. They mentioned that archeology is finding mangers in the lower level of homes in that region. It’s believed that animals (valuables) were brought in at night to the lower level of the homes for safekeeping. So, the manger was probably in the lower level of a home–not out in the barn.

4. The word used for inn is later translated as chamber or guest room and Luke himself uses a word for inn–more like hotel–later during the story of the Good Samaritan.  Most likely, Jesus was born in the lower level of a home of one of Joseph’s family members because the guest room was full.

5. Ok here’s the big one! I read the wording in the Bible now and see it but never did before! The Bible doesn’t say Mary was in labor while traveling and gave birth their 1st night in Bethlehem.

It says, “WHILE they were there the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.”

If you’d like to read some more and think about these things here are some articles.

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The real star of Bethlehem (start at the bottom #1 not the promo)

Thinking about these things is SO interesting to me. I am really wondering why I’ve learned all these things this year but it’s really exciting to think about things more Biblically and challenge  my thinking.

No matter what happened or when it happened, the fact that God came to earth in the form of a Baby in order to sacrifice Himself to pay for my sins is an astounding gift!

**I’ll leave you with this question–does the Bible say the angels sang?


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  1. Jen

    Great thoughts. I’m working on a Christmas devotional for my ladies Bible study. I’m going to check out those links.

  2. Eunice pitman

    I believe those truths also. We have had to rethink a lot of our old traditions !

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