Sometimes My Blood Boils

by adustyframe ~ December 5th, 2012

This morning while perusing Facebook, I saw a book that I mentioned on A Dusty Frame. It’s about a parent going to jail so I clicked on the page to see what they were saying.

They were making fun as were all the comments left.

“Haha let’s write a book about your mom is so stupid to be married to an idiot like that.”

So sad that America has gotten so bad that a book like this is even needed.”  Really? There were no jails in the US til recently?

“If only jails weren’t so cushy that the dad’s want to go back all the time. They have more lavish health care then they do when they are out.” Oh right….that’s what’s going on…..and the health care myth is a JOKE.

“This is ridiculous no one should ever have to explain to a child while their parent is in jail.”

“How about the next book for the series My Mommy Is A Crackhead.”

The only thing I can say is they just don’t know and how blessed they are that their life has never been pulled out from underneath them. The only way people can say such nasty things is if they’ve never dealt with a tragedy that they or their children didn’t cause. Maybe I should write a book, “Help Me. I  Live In A Selfish Clueless Bubble.”


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  1. "Char" :)

    I can see how that would really hurt. You’ve done a good job of raising awareness about how our language affects others. I’ve caught myself several times because of you!

  2. Pam

    It is like many many other situations……unless you have walked in Those shoes people have no idea how tough it is……people can be soooooo cruel – selfish – and just plain mean!!!!

  3. Janet

    You are right, Lizzie. First of all, they don’t know what in the world they are talking about. Second of all, they have no compassion.:( Even if they didn’t know, they ought to be more kind. Lizzie, I had some preconceived opinions about prisons (what I’ve heard a parent say) until I started reading your blog. You are helping us to be informed and be more caring. Keep on!

  4. Catherine

    Ignorant people say hurtful things all the time on the internet. I think it is beautiful that you have created this blog to speak the truth and educate people about what the world is really like… and how to get through it without being hurtful to others.

  5. Barbara H.

    That is awful. It’s way too easy for people to make clueless snap judgements.

  6. Robin in New Jersey

    🙁 sigh….

    You have opened out eyes about so many things. I am thankful for this blog and your testimony.

  7. Ame

    times like this … i have to pray, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

  8. Katherine

    I browse my favorite blogs every few months now, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas this year!

    I don’t know if getting angry over others’ “ignorance” is the right reaction–we have no idea what their backgrounds are, and we can only hope that they never have to endure what you have endured. At some point, you will have to let go of all of the bitterness you feel about Lee’s incarceration. It is taking time, but it will happen! May God bless you all! (((hugs)))

    I’m not bitter about Lee’s incarceration. I don’t know why sharing my feelings makes me bitter in your mind. That is definitely not at all where I am. I did mention the only reason they can be so rude is that they must be blessed enough to not know that pain. But the assumption that women in these situations are idiots or crackheads definitely stirs up personal feelings. It’s a very unfounded bias.

  9. Gwen

    May God give you the strength you need – so sorry for your pain. 🙁 (visiting you from the crew!)

  10. Marcy @ Ben and Me

    wow. I’m speechless.

  11. Beth

    You’re in my prayers. I met many men and women when I volunteered with PF and my blood boiled at those comments too.

  12. saramcd

    Lizzie, people are stupid, self-righteous, judgmental, and hurtful. I’m so sorry for their meanness.

  13. Tess

    Another example of how we judge others without having any idea of what we are talking about. I’m so sorry Lizzie. My blood would be boiling too!

  14. Eunice pitman

    It is hard how people can judge, they have never walked in many path’s that others have walked in! God help them if or when the rug gets pulled out from under them !
    God bless you & your family , you are rich in many things !

  15. celina

    please don’t let this discourage you, i have always felt in my heart that this is a ministry venue for you AND Lee….how it doesn’t HAVE to destroy everything..that with faith…(and repentance and honesty) the pieces don’t have to completly fall apart…

    ignorance is simply ignorance….and no one thinks before writting anymore….heck i KNOW there are alot of stupid books out there, but they are none of my business…buy them or don’t , read them or don’t … but don’t automatically assume there isn’t a need for the book.

  16. Kym

    Wow, some people really are clueless and thoughtless. I’m so sorry. I guess they really don’t know any better, and sadly, they don’t have much compassion or imagination in them either. Don’t be discouraged!

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