The 4-1-1

by adustyframe ~ December 13th, 2012

Thank you everyone for the congratulations about our new “project”!!!

We’re so excited and sometimes I can’t quite believe it’s true. Well, when all I can do is stagger to the couch and fall back asleep, I know it’s true.

I’ve already had 2 ultrasounds because I had some early spotting. It is very encouraging to see that tiny heartbeat.

As of today, I am 11 weeks so it’s still pretty early, but that 1st trimester should be over soon and I hope to start feeling a bit more like myself.

My biggest symptom has been exhaustion–complete and utter exhaustion. How am I coping with that? By sleeping and not doing much! I did start taking extra B-12 and switched to prenatals with iron. I think that’s helping a bit but like I said it’s almost the end of the 1st trimester so that could be why I’m feeling better too.

The idea had to grow on James a little bit, but he will be a wonderful big brother. He talks about the baby most days and gives me suggestions and input. He’s already put the kabosh on a few names we talked about–silly kid.

Lee is excited, but he worries about me and the baby while I’m pregnant so it’s not super easy for him. You can pray that we can find a job with more home time for him before the baby arrives. I think that would bless all of us.

I actually had a post or two I was going to write about having one child. I didn’t write them because it was painful for me and then when I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t want to write them in case it tipped you off! I wanted to wait to let you know until we had a pretty good idea that things were going well.

I will probably share those posts sometime because they are things that should be shared. I’d like to thank those of you who knew how much we wanted another child and prayed for us! I appreciate your support an awful lot!

I will keep you posted about things now and then.

I’m still so amazed that God answered this prayer and that I’m once again facing starting this baby thing all over again!

Thanks for being excited with us!


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  1. Stephanie

    Congrats! That is great news!

  2. Ashley

    I am so thrilled for you! I am partial to July birthdays since my daughter was born this past July. 😉 Hopefully you don’t see a week of temps over 105 like I did when I was 9 months pregnant! 🙂

  3. Pam

    Will you share if it’s a boy or girl?

    I’ll have to ask my husband if I can share:) It’s still to early to find out though.:)

  4. Robin in New Jersey

    So happy for you Lizzie. I remember well the exhaustion. I used to put my head down on the table while doing school with my older kids and just wish I could go to bed. Do you have morning sickness too? I had it terrible.

    Praying all goes well for you and your new wee one. 🙂

  5. Wendy Clark

    WHAT!!!!!???? How wonderful! New babies are the best news ever. Oh my, I know it is so hard and tiring, especially at first, but I know you know they are worth it a million times over! Congratulations!!!!!

  6. Janet

    I’m so excited for you all! What a blessing! Look how far God has taken you guys.:)

  7. Chaeen

    Oh I’m so excited for you !! Enjoy each and every moment and I hope to read your posts on an only…… I’ve cried those tears ….

  8. saramcd

    Get outta town! Really? That’s such awesome news. Congratulations to you all!

  9. Ame

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! that’s Awesome!!!

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