God Works In Our Scandals

by adustyframe ~ December 18th, 2012

Sunday at church, the pastor spoke about Mary and how scandalized the entire town was over her supposed indiscretion.

He brought the point around to how God works in our own scandals. He even mentioned Carol Kent who wrote a book about her son in prison–When I Lay My Isaac Down.

Have you ever dealt with something that was scandalous. I have but I guess you know that.

Here are a few points and quotes from the sermon.

God verticalizes our scandals so we can see His majestic overwhelming mercy–so we can see His great grace.

Where does God do this? 

*In our places–for Mary it was her town.

*In people–He shows up in the midst of their scandals.

*In the the places we are powerless–when we cannot change a thing about what we’re going through.

God used scandalous situations and people to open our eyes to His grace.

He shared a quote from a man who had lived through a trial of losing his company.

He said something like this, “I saw God’s grace like I never saw it before.”

God “verticalizes” or turns us toward Him in order to give us eyes so we can see His grace.

This sermon resonated with me. God has used this time in our lives to bring us closer to Him. I’ve seen Him work in ways that could ONLY have been God and I’ve seen His abundant and yes even overwhelming grace.

What about you? Are you able to see trials as a way God opens your eyes to His grace?


3 Thoughts Shared to God Works In Our Scandals

  1. Judith

    I needed this. Thank you.

  2. Janet

    I have gone through some things like that, and it gave me the opportunity to see God’s love like never before. Because of that, even though there are still scars, I am thankful God allowed me to go through them.

  3. Robin in New Jersey

    I have read Carol Kent’s book. So very heartbreaking, but also filled with hope. She also has one called, “A New Kind of Normal” which I highly recommend. It’s stories of people who had their world shattered by choices others have made.

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