Right Now I Am

by adustyframe ~ December 27th, 2012
  • Thinking  I HAVE to get back to exercising.
  • Urging myself to enjoy even this season of not feeling so great because I am truly so excited!
  • Contemplating the birth of Jesus. This is the first time I’ve been pregnant at Christmastime and it truly is special.
  • Thankful  for so many things–health, life, my husband and son, our new tiny one, our home, Lee’s job, the fact that our lives are so much different now.
  • Wanting energy–either that or a housekeeper!
  • Looking at Mt. Laundry and wondering who is going to fold it?
  • Enjoying  time with my sister and niece while Lee and James are on a delivery out West.
  • Wondering about our new babe
  • Feeling  less than energetic although I’m so much better than I was for the past several weeks–hoping I’m rounding the 1st trimester blahs and heading into trimester 2 where I hope (and pray!) I’ll feel a bit more like myself.
  • Remembering the families in Newtown, CT and praying for them during this holiday season. I cannot even imagine the pain they are dealing with.
  • Pushing through the lethargy to get something done!

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  1. Barbara H.

    I’m needing to get back into regular exercise, too.

    Such a blessing that your lives are so much different now!

  2. Ame

    and remember … this is a season that will pass quickly. it is OKAY if the laundry doesn’t get folded. it is OKAY if the house doesn’t get cleaned often. and it is OKAY to not enjoy being sick all the time AND still be grateful you’re pregnant. i had horrible pregnancies, and although i loved my baby growing in my womb, i hated the effects of pregnancy on my body.

    if your body is demanding rest, then rest. Lee and James will be just fine. this is a season. relax into it. let it be what it is.

  3. celina

    catching up since reading your new years post….

    wish i was close, i’d do your laundry happily!!!! take it easy…believe me the season seems LONG but goes by quickly

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