Knitting For Baby

by adustyframe ~ January 2nd, 2013

When I learned how to knit, I began to wish that I knew how to knit when James was a baby! So many cute things I could have knit for him.

I’m already knitting for this baby. Since baby is due in July, I won’t knit much for a newborn–probably just a blanket. I decided to knit things more for 6-12 months for the baby to use during the winter.

One of my pet peeves is socks that babies kick right off, so I started looking for a socks pattern and found this pattern Finnish Baby Socks on Ravelry. They do not look like socks that a baby can kick off!  The pattern also has a neat story.

The heart-warming and memorable story of the socks as told by Eila Turenius. The original, white socks are kept safe and treasured as a family heirloom by Terttu Latvala.

In early 1939, Terttu Latvala’s mother Kerttu Latvala was evacuating ahead of World War II battles along with her 2-month-old baby daughter. Her train trip from Vaasa (coastal Finland) was delayed due to a section of the railroad tracks having been destroyed by bombings. A fellow passenger, a retired needlework teacher, took pity on the un-bootied little feet of the baby girl, and during the delay, unraveled yarn from her own white hand-knit sweater, and used it to make the baby a pair of socks. 

Kerttu Latvala, the mother, knit several hundreds of pairs of these socks during her lifetime; a new pair each time a friend or aquaintance had a baby. Terttu Latvala continued the tradition, knitting over 200 pairs herself.

I finished one pair–with a few mistakes. I’m working on a second pair in Green Bay Packer colors of course!

I’m also knitting a teddy bear in a tan color–right now it looks like a big mess because the pattern calls for putting stitches on a holder and turning and flipping it around to work on other areas so it’s looking strange right now! Maybe when it looks more like a bear, I’ll post a photo.

I need to knit a gift for a baby shower, but I just want to knit for my own baby!


5 Thoughts Shared to Knitting For Baby

  1. Janet

    The socks are so cute! I’m amazed that there are socks that a baby can’t kick off!

    I think they stay on because they’re so long and because of the ribbing 🙂

  2. Sue Powell

    Cute socks! I think they would be much cuter if done in purple and gold–Vikings colors! 😉

    Sue in MN

    Oh haha absolutely NO CHANCE of that happening!

  3. Robin in New Jersey

    So cute! I started knitting a sweater for my new granddaughter who is due to be born around Feb. 22nd. I doubt I will finish it though. I start working a part time job next week at Joann Fabrics!

  4. Ame

    i LOVE this!!!

  5. Katrina

    Working for a pediatrician, I found that the babies wearing ‘knee-highs’ don’t kick them off very easily. What you are knitting seem like they will work great!

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