by adustyframe ~ January 23rd, 2013

How is the weather where you live?

It’s very cold here! We’re on day 4 of below zero temperatures–or wind chill. Some days it’s been 2 or 4 above actual temperature.

For some reason, I seem to still have to go out every day! I’d prefer to stay home and burrow in the blankets with something hot to drink. Oh well! I’m so thankful for our warm home, warm blankets, and a car that starts on cold days!



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  1. Pam

    Amen…… Cold and snowy here school here yesterday.
    Thankful too for a warm home / garage and vehicle

  2. Janet

    Oh, my, I cannot imagine! It’s very nice where we are–in the 60s and 70s this week and 40s at night. It’s milder than normal here, but we don’t get the terribly cold weather like you do. On a positive night, the doctor told me that your body burns more calories trying to stay warm.:)

  3. Barbara H.

    We’ve had forecasts in the teens lately. Occasionally we’ll get down to single digits, but not often, and I’m glad!

  4. Robin in New Jersey

    It was 2 degrees here last night. Today it’s sunny out but the weatherman says the wind chill will make it be colder. Right now it’s 20 degrees even with the sun shining!

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