Right Now

by adustyframe ~ January 24th, 2013

enjoying~ Downton Abbey

planning ~a few appointments and a grocery list (how exciting is that!?)

thrilled~ that I am enjoying a healthy and relatively easy pregnancy so far

praying~ for a situation with our insurance to be resolved~safety for Lee~health for the baby and I~for James to be a godly guy

celebrating~ a couple birthdays in my family

resisting~ shopping for the baby

preparing~ taxes! yuck

making~still working on that teddy bear

expanding~my belly!

writing~ blog posts~nothing else really

living~ in my wool socks!

ordering~nothing~our emergency fund was wiped out by the 4th quarter taxes (yikes–my fault!) so until that’s back to an acceptable level, I am behaving!

eating~cheese sticks


sleeping~ sometimes great and sometimes not so great


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  1. Barbara H.

    I’m just catching up with Downton Abbey, too. By the time I got interested in it, I thought I’d have to wait til summer to catch up, but with each season being only 7 or 8 episodes long, I decided I could manage that. 🙂

    Glad the pregnancy is going well so far!

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