by adustyframe ~ January 30th, 2013

This boy doesn’t even know how lucky he is. Here he is working on school yesterday…in his favorite chair…under a cozy blanket….in his jammies…

(Laundry and clutter cropped out to save myself some embarrassment.)


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  1. M

    My kids definitely don’t know how good they have it, to be homeschooled. Just not having to freeze one’s bippy off waiting at the bus stop should be enough to earn undying gratitude, lol. Unrushed breakfasts, home cooked lunches, so much more time to play because we can accomplish so much more in so much less time…

    And then the benefits to me…I don’t have to drive the kids to school or the bus stop in icy weather, I get to have my most favorite people with me all day (except the hubby), I can experience the joy of teaching my children to read!! And I’m learning SO MUCH that I never learned in school, too! I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything! [contented sigh] 🙂

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