by adustyframe ~ February 6th, 2013

Last week, Lee was in L.A.

He pulled into a truck stop late at night to sleep. He said he woke up around 4 a.m. and went into the truck stop to shower and get some coffee.

He came back out to the semi and worked on paperwork, then went back to sleep for awhile.

He said when he woke up the sun was up. He looked out and right next to him was a razor wire topped fence. He said he was shocked and recoiled a little bit.

I told him that perhaps the Lord gives him those reminders once in awhile to help him remember that he never ever wants to be contained in razor wire fences again. I told him to count his blessings that he got to drive away from that razor wire completely free!


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  1. Robin in New Jersey

    Reminders are good! Glad he was able to drive away! 🙂


  2. Janet

    A reminder of what God brought him from.:) Thank God he is not there anymore!

    ME TOO!

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