by adustyframe ~ February 13th, 2013

In case you didn’t know it, I really desire to help single moms. I remember being there and it’s not easy. (Oh how inadequate that sentence is to describe being a single mother.)

At Christmas time, James’ Sunday School class sent home a paper about their project. The class planned to contribute to help 2 families have a nicer holiday.

One of the needs was piano lessons for a special needs child. I volunteered because of course that’s something I am capable of doing. I was so happy to find out that it was a single mom family.

The student started last week–my first special needs student. The child is already doing well and learning and I’m so thankful that God allowed me to bless a single mom and her child!


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  1. Sally Martin

    Wow! That does sound like a blessing. I am glad your can do that. Special needs kids are so often forgotten.

  2. Ame

    wow. that’s awesome. that hits me on both levels 🙂

  3. Janet

    Thank you for doing this for them!

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