Works Of God~Share A Blessing

by adustyframe ~ March 4th, 2013


I hope you have a blessing to share this week 🙂

We are thankful for our warm home and running heater. It’s still chilly here.

I’m thankful that God has blessed us with another child. Everything is looking healthy with baby at this point.

I’m thankful for our “new” church. It’s such a joy to be excited about Sunday long before Sunday arrives.

I’m thankful that we have a busy homeschool activity week–but you can pray for me. I’m going to be a tired Mama by Saturday!


What about you? What reminds you that you are blessed today?


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  1. Catherine

    Today I am feeling blessed that I have a supportive and understanding family. We were hoping to move (from one rental to another) by the end of the month, but we just weren’t finding the right place. Today I had to go in and ask if we could stay longer where we are – and found out – ANOTHER BLESSING – our unit was not rented yet. What a relief. Trusting in God’s plan when it is not the same is our plan is difficult, but a blessing when I can let go and follow Him.

  2. Sally Martin

    Strength for each day. That we have been able to attend worship service the last two Sundays. Food, shelter, clothes. Good health for our ages. Friends, & family. The mercies of God which are new each morning.

  3. Sharlener

    Daughters who care for each other.
    a great week at school last week
    God’s daily provision

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