School Update

by adustyframe ~ March 12th, 2013

This year James is doing Teaching Textbooks for math. It’s working out pretty well for us. He likes doing his work on the computer.

I’m still reviewing for TOS Review Crew so we get to try out some new things once in awhile. That’s been good for us!

I printed a list of Bible passages for children to read through the Bible–it’s just not every verse. Of course I can’t find the link right now. He has to read a passage each day and check it off on his chart. He’s still going to AWANA so that’s what he does for Bible memory.

He’s reading Jesus Freaks to learn about Christian martyrs.

For history, he’s reading a book about the Orphan Trains that my mom sent him. He’s also just about done with George Washington’s World by Genevieve Foster That book shares things happening all across the world during the lifetime of George Washington.

He’s reading a book about Michael Faraday for science and a biography. For a novel, he’s reading Kingdom’s Dawn by Chuck Black.  I also turned over the reading of the Apologia science book to him. The last book he’s reading on his own is It Couldn’t Just Happen by Lawerence O. Richards–evidences for Creation.

He’s working through the state history notebook. He does a couple projects each week.

Together, we work on:

Bible–God’s Great Covenant

Grammar–English for the Thoughtful Child

Copywork/Spelling–Spelling Wisdom (Simply Charlotte Mason)

We’re also reading Gone Away Lake and The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe out loud together. Some weeks we get a lot read and some weeks we read very little together!




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  1. Tina

    What grade is James in?


  2. Lisa

    Sounds like a great year! I love the Forbes “World” books–they tie things together so well. I also really enjoyed “It Couldn’t Just Happen” and Genesis, Finding Our Roots by Ruth Beechick–neither of which I had heard of before homeschool.

    At his age, handcrafts can get much more interesting: changing the oil in the mower or car, building shelves, learning to paint a room–good practical stuff.

    Oh yeah–he does a lot of that stuff;) I didn’t even think to include that. Duct tape, tinkering with stuff, cutting wood with the jig saw;)

  3. Wendy Clark

    Oh my goodness Lizzie. You may have gotten me into a lot of trouble with the Simply Charlotte Mason site. 🙂

    Sorry 😉

  4. Janet

    We LOVE Teaching Textbooks!
    Good to hear! This is our 1st year.

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