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by adustyframe ~ March 15th, 2013


We’re going to make this next time Lee is home.  Twice baked potato soup

Violin proven to be from the Titanic

How To Use Coconut Oil

The Bible giveaway is almost over–make sure you enter.

My cookbook is now for sale on the Kindle! How exciting is that? Can you do me a favor? If you’ve seen my cookbook, would you be willing to put a review on Amazon for me?  (pretty please….)


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  1. Wendy Clark

    I’ll put up a review today. I won one a long time ago on a blog giveaway from you or MSM one. Let me look through it to refresh my memory and I’ll get to it today. How exciting!

  2. Janet

    How exciting that you are on Kindle! Thank you for the recipe!

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