Pregnancy Update

by adustyframe ~ March 20th, 2013

This pregnancy is pretty similar to my pregnancy with James–well as much as I can remember from that long ago. I did keep my pregnancy journal so I can read what was going on at certain weeks.

I’m not nauseous anymore–unless I bend over my belly! Yikes.

I have a little heartburn now and then and I’m tired. There are a few other little things but I can’t complain. I’m thankful that I’m not horribly ill.

I will admit that the gaining weight and filling out my clothes has been slightly difficult emotionally. I’m beyond thrilled that we’re having a baby, it’s just a huge shift in thinking.

I LOVE looking down and seeing my belly rounding. It’s just the other parts that are rounding that I’m not thrilled about!

With James, I craved unsweetened iced tea–so weird I know but I HAD to have it. This baby? Not really any cravings–nothing that I’d get up at 3 a.m. for, but I’m really hungry for lemon things. I made some low carb lemon bars but they did not hit the spot so I had lemon meringue pie when Lee and I went on a lunch date today. (Why do I wonder why other body parts are rounding? )

I’ve been blessed with some lovely baby things from friends and strangers. It’s so fun to sort the little piles and think  about baby boy!

Lee and I are still discussing names. I thought we had it narrowed down but once he found out baby is a boy for sure, he tossed several more into the running. We had a “rule” that boys had to have a book of the Bible name but we’re considering just changing that to a Bible name…..decisions decisions!

I think the only thing really different is that I’m more tired (age!). Another difference is that I’m just loving every moment. I did love every moment and cherish time with James during my pregnancy and his baby days, but I think this time I realize how very fast this all goes. I’m not wishing any of it away. With James I couldn’t wait to meet the baby and I felt that pregnancy took FOREVER! This time, I’m just relishing it.

So that’s about all!


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  1. Sally Martin

    I love hearing you excitement and joy. Praise God! We share your joy.

  2. Lisa

    So happy for you!! For what it’s worth I’d vote for Micha–even if it’s his “blog” name! lol……. Can’t wait to hear that the baby is safely here and that you are ok and everyone is happy. So enjoy hearing your “new” life–you’ve earned it! 🙂

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