This Week

by adustyframe ~ March 28th, 2013

What’s going on around here this week?

Nothing much.

The sun is shining and our temps are slightly warmer. Snow is melting and we’re hopeful that maybe Spring is on it’s way.

We’re working through school. We have a LOT of review items that are going to pile up here in a couple weeks–sorry in advance–I didn’t realize that would happen and I personally don’t enjoy posting several reviews in a row. However, I have no control of the calendar.

So, we’re working on several review products for school too.

I met a new OB this week to discuss some options. I have to decide if I’m changing or staying with my current healthcare provider. You can pray that I’ll make a wise choice.

I’ve been feeling mostly just fine and having fun sorting through baby things.

We’ve been super blessed by a lot of people sharing baby things with us.

I’m working on de-cluttering the entire house before the baby gets here. We have a small house and baby stuff takes up quite a bit of space. I’m hoping to just shed things that have been hanging around for no real reason. I’m making pretty good progress but there’s always more to do.

Lee was home last week and left early Sunday morning. We hate it when he leaves, but then we get in our routine and we’re ok!

I have to be honest though that it’s seriously nothing like it was before so his being absent from home is quite bearable.

I’m knitting a baby blanket–I’ll post a photo one of these days.

I’m still reading quite a bit. When I sit down to rest because my energy is gone, I usually read several pages of a book before I zonk out.

Poor James must wonder what has taken over his mother. I wasn’t a super energetic person in the past anyway, so now I think I am sometimes a slug!!



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  1. Robin in New Jersey

    Hi Lizzie,

    I am sure it must be much more bearable having Lee gone for a few days at a time.

    What happened to the font size on your page? It has gotten very small!

    Happy Easter!

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