Works Of God

by adustyframe ~ April 1st, 2013



We enjoyed a beautiful Easter service yesterday.

The sun has been shining most days and the snow is melting. We still have plenty of snow left though!

Our schedule is pretty busy but I’m thankful that I’ve been able to keep up.

I’m feeling pretty good.

School is going well–still lots to accomplish.

What about you? Any blessings to share? (Big or “little” )


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  1. Judith

    We sang all the triumphant Easter hymns to the accompaniment of four violins, a flute, and five trumpets/ trombones. Beautiful!

    We had (hosted) a delightful lunch with a recently widowed man and his two out of town adult sons. We thought we were giving them Easter lunch, but they gave us so much more, esp. the older man’s wisdom and insights – on faith, family, and heaven – from 8 decades of life (most of it walking with Jesus).

    A good day!

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    My girls sang Glorious Day in church on Sunday. It was such a blessing. We received an annonymous monetary gift from someone at our church that is helping pay a few bills and put food on the table.

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