Random Stuff

by adustyframe ~ April 11th, 2013

1. I’ve never made a souffle.

2. I’ve never made homemade pasta.

3. I hate buying knitting magazines and having 1/2 of the magazine be crochet patterns–hello? Did I buy a KNITTING magazine?

4. Sometimes I feel sorry for people on Facebook and want to offer to edit their horrible photos—that may or may not be because I’ve come to appreciate good photography. I don’t offer though unless it’s a good friend and they say they’re going to blow them up and print them. I don’t want to sound snobby. I do however think that people who are charging for photography should turn out decent photos–that’s when I really feel sorry for people–when they paid someone and got poor photography.

5. I don’t get very much done these days.

6. I have 9″ to go to finish baby boy’s blanket I’m knitting. Then I want to knit some cute winter hats. I think it will be easier to knit them before he arrives!

7. We haven’t settled on a name yet. We had the girl’s name finalized quite early :).



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  1. Janet

    I love reading your random lists. I feel so sorry for those photos, too. Nice photography is worth every penny to me.

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