What Will I Do The Same?

by adustyframe ~ April 25th, 2013

I’ve been thinking about parenting this baby and parenting James and wondering if I’ve changed much in my mothering since James was a newborn.

Here’s what I think/know will remain the same~

I will nurse the baby.

I will hold the baby as much as I want to.

We will not vaccinate the baby (there’s a topic I haven’t touched on here…)

Baby will sleep with us.

We will thoroughly enjoy the baby.

We will homeschool.

We will allow this child to remain a child and enjoy child things as long as possible–not rushing to start school, etc.

We will eat as healthy as possible and use lots of natural health remedies.

What May Be Different?

I won’t stress about the vaccine decision–been there done that already and quite confident in my choices.

I’ll know that some of the things I enjoy doing as a mom don’t equal my being a good mom. For example, if I make something at home (yogurt) or buy it at the store is a choice. It doesn’t equate to being a good mom.

I’ll know that my child should turn out pretty awesome whether or not I make mistakes.

Hopefully much less stress in this child’s life! Hopefully he’ll never ever know the type of pain that James and I have lived through. I know that sadness and trials may come to us because no one is immune! I just believe (trust, pray, hope) that it won’t be the same kind of trial or pain!

I’m sure I’ll find all kinds of differences in my parenting of this baby and how I parented James. James will probably say what I say to my younger siblings, “Oh man! You can’t even imagine what she was like as a mom when I was small!”


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  1. elaine

    i’m so happy for you. my son and I have not had what I would have liked his childhood to have been for him, he is now 15. so I pray for you the best for you.
    I make slings if your looking for one, just contact me <3

  2. Sanz @ From The Mrs.

    Great post! I have changed so much as a mother over the years as well! We are expecting #4 next week! Congrats on your upcoming arrival!

  3. Janet

    I love your thoughts. The first child is the practice child anyway.;)

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