Freezer Meals For After Baby

by adustyframe ~ May 3rd, 2013

I’ve been working towards getting 30 meals in the freezer for after baby arrives.

I’m not planning to be incapacitated for a month but I figure the longer before I have to cook the better!

Yesterday, I got 3 meatloaves in the freezer–Church Cookbook Meatloaf.

Last week, I got 2 meals of chili in the freezer.

I also got 3 or 4 meals of shredded chicken in the freezer. This is one of our favorites! It can be used for any recipe that calls for cut up chicken but you can also use it as sandwiches with your favorite sauce or mayo!

Hamburger was on sale so I purchased several pounds and browned it with onions, garlic salt, and pepper. It’s still on sale and I think I may go back and purchase some more! I may make “untidy Josephs” with some of it and taco meat with the rest.

I also want to make chicken tetrazzini and maybe this chicken pesto shells. I also think I’m going to make a batch of these chicken and noodles but I’m going to keep the noodles frozen separately and add them to the dish when heating.

I also have 1 spaghetti pie and 1 pizza casserole. For pizza casserole, I just throw together spaghetti sauce, pasta, meat, spices, and cheese. I stir it all together bake it and call it pizza casserole! 🙂

My favorite freezer containers are these from Tupperware. When I run out of those, I use gallon or quart freezer bags.

I think I may be 1/2 way to my goal already!

Of course, I’ll cheat too and grab a few frozen pizzas or things like that.

My goal is to just be prepared and have a few weeks where life is easy. James is good at cooking things and cleaning up, but I don’t want him to feel like he’s a slave!

If you have any ideas, make sure you share them with me in the comments and include a link if the recipe is online somewhere.



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  1. Michael D

    Once those meals are frozen in the Tupperware, you may take them out and put them in plastic bags or freezer bags (they are frozen blocks of food) and re-use the Tupperware to freeze additional meals and repeat the process.
    Yes, I could but the reason I like to freeze them in the Tupperware is because it keeps them very fresh:) Much better than the Ziploc bags.

  2. Judith

    We loved the chicken divan & garlicky chicken noodle bake from Not Your Mother’s Freezer Cookbook. I got it from the library. She doesn’t use any cream of something soups. it’s all homemade. I also found a bbq sauce that tastes like Sweet Baby Ray’s but doesn’t have HFCS in it. I pinned it on my Recipes board.

    I froze meals before my surgery, and there is no way we could have survived without it. Also, you are smart to have a wide variety. I did only about 3 recipes, and we got pretty tired of them.

  3. M

    When I freeze meatloaf, I flatten it inside a Ziplock freezer bag, instead of freezing it in loaf form. It thaws SO much faster that way, and takes up a lot less room in the freezer. As long as I am careful to push all the air out, it still tastes fine. When #4 was born, I had put up 49 freezer meals. It was great…until we had a power outage…sigh…whimper. That still stings a little, even though it was a few years ago! When #5 came, I allowed my 12 yo daughter to take over cooking for a month. She liked cooking, but NOT the dishes (like mother, like daughter). We sat down ahead of time and put a bunch of recipes in a binder that she could make, and each week planned out the meals together and made a grocery list. It was a great learning experience for her! Have fun getting ready for Baby!!

  4. Janet

    I think you’re smart to freeze cooked hamburger. I keep a lot of that in the freezer and it can be used for tacos, sloppy Joes, hamburger gravy over rice, spaghetti etc. I freeze meatloaves uncooked as we prefer them freshly baked rather than warmed over.

    You could also make up some meatballs and freeze for subs or to use in spaghetti or in gravy over noodles. You could put some meats in your favorite marinades and freeze. That way they can be dumped into a pan and baked. Every meal in your freezer will save your sanity later.

    I know! I’m getting excited:).

  5. Janet

    This is encouraging to me to try to get ahead a little bit, even though I’m not expecting.:) You’re doing a great job!

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