We Are Victors

by adustyframe ~ May 13th, 2013

Notes from a recent sermon at church~ Based on Daniel 3:8-30

During trials it’s easy to think of ourselves as victims–this could make it easier for us to justify sinful actions and attitudes. We may think it’s ok to make excuses.

We want to blame God and give up hope.

This damages our testimony.

During trials we remember that God has already made us victors.

We must obey and trust that God has made us a victor–even if He doesn’t intervene.

Trust and Obedience brings victory–

When we trust and obey–

1. God may intervene–but obedience does not guarantee no pain or no trials.

2. God WILL comfort--regardless of the situation–If He chooses not to intervene, He will give you peace.  V. 18–they did not know if God would do anything.

3. God will be glorified–v. 26, 28,29

4. We will be victorious through the blood of Christ–Romans 8:18-39

God cares deeply about my circumstances, but He cares more that I be conformed to His image.


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  1. Robin in New Jersey

    Boy did I need to read this today.

    Thank you, Lizzie.

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